Alfond Scholarship

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From the Maine Department of Education

Like you, the Department of Education is committed to the education of Maine children from birth to career, and we are honored to work with the many schools and organizations that share our same goals. We encourage all Maine school leaders to share with their students and families information about the Alfond Scholarship Foundation, and to help them dream and prepare for the learning of our children after high school.

By investing $500 for each child born in Maine since 2013, the Alfond Scholarship Foundation has invested $50 million dollars for over 100,000 Maine children to date. This financial foundation will grow and be available to the students to use for post-secondary opportunities. We hope to make sure every Maine family is aware of this gift and the impact that an account can have on a child’s future. 

Studies shows that children with a college or post-secondary savings account are three times more likely to go to college, and four times more likely to graduate, even with only a few hundred dollars in an account. This opportunity could have big impact on a student’s likelihood of accessing and successfully completing a program of study after high school.

The Department encourages schools to share this informational flier with families in your community through PTAs, weekly folders, open houses or student conferences. To request color copies of the flier, contact Colleen Quint, President & CEO of the Alfond Scholarship Foundation at 207-347-8638 or

Let’s all work together toward a robust future for our students and our great State of Maine! For more information visit the My Alfond Grant website.