CCES Arrival and Dismissal

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CCES Student Drop Off and Pick UP


Morning Drop Off

Each family dropping off students at CCES will pull into the parent drop off loop or bus loop, pulling around to the furthest side of the loop and drop students off along the sidewalk where they will be greeted by staff waiting for students at arrival. Parents are asked to stay in their vehicles whenever possible. If parents must assist with unbuckling children please use the traditional parent designated loop instead. *PLEASE BE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR DISMISSAL PACKET ON THE FIRST DAY YOU DROP YOUR CHILD OFF AT SCHOOL. 


Afternoon Pickup

Students and families will receive a dismissal packet that will include a color coded number ID for the child(that will be given to the child that day at school) and two cards for parents or guardians picking up their child. These cards should be placed on the dashboards of the vehicle to help school staff identify the family picking up the student. Each family will be assigned a pick up time to facilitate traffic flow on campus. If the assigned pickup time does not work for your family please contact the school office. Additionally, the dismissal packet will identify where you should pull up to pick up your child at the end of the school day.