School Nutrition

RSU 64 participates in the National School Lunch Program.  Lunches are available for all students.  Lunch will be offered beginning the first day of school with the following rates in effect:

Elementary student lunches $2.25

Secondary student lunches $2.50

Reduced Lunch $.40

Extra milk (white & flavored) $0.50

The District continues to offer a breakfast program as well.  Breakfast will consist of the required nutritional components of the program mandate – juice/fruit, cereal, protein, milk, etc.

The breakfast price is $1.50

If a student is eligible for reduced price lunch, breakfast is free.

Please Note: Meals may not be charged except in the case of an emergency, and then, may only be charged for one day.

Applications for free or reduced-price meals will be sent home with all students during the first few days of school.  Parents who wish to apply for free or reduced-price meals for their child(ren) must complete the application in its entirety and return it to the school.  Parents who have been pre-approved by the Department of Health and Human Services to receive free meals for their child(ren) do not need to fill out the application but do need to submit their letter of documentation from DHHS to the school.

A family may apply or re-apply, for benefits under this program at any time during the school year as family financial conditions change.

In addition to parents being able to continue paying for student meals by sending money in with their child, parents and guardians will have access to an online payment tool.  MySchoolBucks provides parents the opportunity to deposit funds to their student(s) account via the internet.  Please visit to create an account. This feature is available for all three schools.

Eligibility for Free or Reduced Meals Impacts Federal Grants

We need your help!  Even if your child does not want to participate in the school meal program or if you are not sure if you meet the eligibility guidelines, we urge you to complete and return the qualifying application form.  The percentage of students eligible for free and/or reduced-price meals is used to determine the District’s eligibility for Federal grants and special program rates. Federal grant dollars are used to supplement academic programs.  Thank you for your assistance.